honda jazz photo

Photo by Aero7MY

Sometimes to face the season homecoming, consumers want to buy a new car and the car is the first car. Only, do not buy a car because it sees the need to mudik course, you should note other things as well.

The reason, many things to consider before buying. As a result, it takes a long time to determine the best car.

Well, to overcome the problem, these are some tips on buying a car for the first time according to the official website of Honda:

1. Activity

Make the activity as a reference model of the car to be purchased. If you have many family members, MPV cars can be a good choice. However, if often bulldoze off-road streets, SUV should be an option.

2. Features

Customize features to suit your interests. For music fans, cars with good quality speakers can be an alternative. Another more if more often carry a lot of goods, a car with a spacious cabin can be a solution.

3. Funds

The most important thing is to adjust the availability of budget. At the very least, provide 20 percent of the desired car’s price as a down payment.

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